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Bistatic Radar Polarimetry by Zbigniew H. Czyz

The Wexford College Press published in 2008 a book of Zbigniew H. Czyz (Poland) where he analyzed possible approaches for implementation of the radar polarimetry principles to bistatic radar.

Bistatic Radar Polarimetry by Zbigniew H. CzyzZbigniew H. Czyz "Bistatic Radar Polarimetry: Theory & Principles." Wexford College Press, 2008. - 256 pp.
ISBN-10: 1934939161; ISBN-13: 978-1934939161.


  1. Introduction
  2. Radar Polarimetry
  3. Polarization of Monochromatic Plane Waves
  4. Polarization Sphere of Tangential Phasors
  5. Rotation Transformation on the Sphere
  6. Change of Phase, Orthogonality and Spatial Reversal Transformation on the Sphere
  7. Scattering and Propagation Matrices
  8. The Poincare Sphere Analysis
  9. Poincare Sphere Geometrical Model of the Scattering Matrix
  10. Special Polarizations of the Bistatic Scattering Matrix
  11. Constant Received Power Curves on the Poincare Sphere
  12. The Basis-Invariant Decompositions of the Sinclair Matrix
  13. Decomposition of the Partially Depolarizing Kennaugh Matrix into Four Non-Depolarizing Components
  14. The Polarimetric Two-Ports
  15. The Four-Sphere of Partial Polarization and Its Applications
  16. Appendices.

Unfortunately, the TU Delft library does not have this book. But there is available on-line report "Fundamentals of Bistatic Radar Polarimetry Using the Poincare Sphere Transformations. A Comparison of the Matrix and Quaternionic Formulation of the Optical and Radar Polarimetry", written in 2002 by the same author 46 pages, which, probably, can give first impression about book contents and author's approach to the problem.

P.S. Even more full version of previously mentioned report is available on-line: "Fundamentals of Bistatic Radar Polarimetry Using the Poincare Sphere Transformations" (1 June 2001) - 247 pages.

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