PARSAX An Informal Look at Radar Technology and Applications within TU Delft


PARSAX radar in “A short course on radar meteorology” – Video

The lecture "A short course on radar meteorology" has been given by Tobias Otto in the frame of TU Delft's Challent program ( It provided to the Bachelour students from different faculties a simple introduction into the radar technology field with the main focus on radar meteorology. The lecture covered such topics as the radar principle, how the information about observed object encoded in scattered microwaves, the brief introduction into the radar equation for a point target with further explanations how to make a step from a point target to atmospheric volume targets, the definition of such important radar measurable as the reflectivity, how the reflectivity measured with radar is connected to the rain rate, and what additional information can be extracted from the polarimetric weather radar observations. The lecture has been illustrated with real radar data about clouds and precipitations, which were measured with TU Delft radars: TARA, IDRA, and PARSAX.

PARSAX radar in "A short course on radar meteorology"

Click on the picture to see the video-lecture on-line (you need to have Silverlight Player in your browser).

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