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Post-conference (EUCAP) reading list :)))

Recently our colleagues visited the 5th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP). Looking through the Proceedings, I created a short (!) list of articles that can be interesting... It covers mainly antenna-related topics, but also includes some articles related to radars, radio wave propagation, sensors and front-end reconfigurability.EUCAP-2011

  1. Paolo Nenzi; Francesco Tripaldi; Marco Balucani; Frank S. Marzano. Three-dimensional Micro-Antenna Array for Millimetre and Sub-Millimetre-Wave Remote Imaging.
  2. Andreas Schiessl; Sherif Ahmed; Andreas Genghammer; Lorenz-Peter Schmidt.A Technology Demonstrator for a 0.5 m x 0.5 m Fully Electronic Digital Beamforming mm-Wave Imaging System. pp. 2753-2756
  3. Xiaodong Zhuge; Alexander Yarovoy. Design Considerations of UWB MIMO Array Oriented for Short-Range Imaging. pp. 2757-2760
  4. Steven R Best. State-of-the-art in the Design of Electrically Small Antennas. pp. 2882-2885
  5. Pavel Hazdra; Jan Eichler; Miloslav Capek; Pavel Hamouz. Small Dual-band Fractal Antenna with Orthogonal Polarizations. pp. 2886-2889
  6. Kentaro Nishimori. MIMO Sensor -Evaluation on Antenna Arrangement. pp. 2924-2928
  7. Andrea Randazzo; Matteo Pastorino; Andrea Salvadé; Ricardo D. Monleone; Manuela Maffongelli; Matteo Lanini. A Multistatic Tomographic Approach to Microwave Imaging of Dielectric Targets. pp. 2943-2947
  8. Takuya Sakamoto; Toru Sato. Using a UWB Radar Imaging Method with Five Antennas on a Target with Arbitrary Translation and Rotation Motion. pp. 2948-2952
  9. Marta Guardiola; Andreas Fhager; Luis Jofre; Mikael Persson. Circular Microwave Tomographic Imaging. Experimental Comparison Between Quantitative and Qualitative Algorithms. pp. 2953-2957
  10. Brian Jensen; Thomas Jensen; Vitaliy Zhurbenko; Tom Johansen. Noise Considerations for Vital Signs CW Radar Sensors. pp. 2958-2962
  11. Mehmet E Yavuz; Ahmed E. Fouda; Fernando Teixeira. Target Classification Through Time-Reversal Operator Analysis Using Ultrawideband Electromagnetic Waves. pp. 19-23
  12. Arndt T. Ott; Mohammed Shalaby; Uwe Siart; Robert Brem; Thomas F. Eibert; Julia Engelbrecht; Ralf Collmann. System Simulation of a Localization System Based on Power Level Detection with Distributed Antennas. pp. 24-28
  13. Hongfu Meng. Effects of Incident Wave Polarization on Boresight Error. pp. 29-31
  14. Sebastian Priebe; Martin Jacob; Thomas Kürner. Polarization Investigation of Rough Surface Scattering for THz Propagation Modeling. pp. 32-36
  15. Saverio Mori; Frank S. Marzano; Mario Montopoli; Luca Pulvirenti; Nazzareno Pierdicca; James A. Weinman. Modelling Polarimetric Effects of Precipitation on Spaceborne Side-Looking Aperture Radar Response. pp. 37-41
  16. Vaclav Kabourek. Landmine Detection Using Ground Penetrating Radar and Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar. pp. 42-46
  17. Guy A. E. Vandenbosch. The Future of Computational Electromagnetics: Science or Product. pp. 2984-2985
  18. Eric Vourch. Ku-band Reconfigurable Compact Array in Dual Polarization. pp. 3010-3014
  19. Gustavo Siles; Jose M Riera; Pedro García-del-Pino. Considerations on Cloud Attenuation At 100 and 300 GHz for Propagation Measurements Within the TERASENSE Project. pp. 98-102
  20. Michele D'Urso; Tommaso Isernia; Andrea Francesco Morabito; Giancarlo Prisco. Minimizing the Number of Sensors in the Synthesis of Shaped Beam Patterns. pp. 3193-3196
  21. Carlo Capsoni; Lorenzo Luini; Antonio Martellucci. From Cumulative NWP Precipitation Data to Small Scale Rain Intensity Distribution: Assessment of a Procedure. pp. 177-181
  22. Jose García-Rubia; Jose M Riera; Ana Benarroch; Pedro García-del-Pino. Estimation of Rain Attenuation At Millimetre Waves From Experimental Drop Size Distributions. pp. 194-198
  23. Gabor Vinci. An Ultrawideband Antenna for FMCW-Radar Positioning Systems. pp. 392-394
  24. Ali Ramadan; Mohammed Al-Husseini; Karim Youssef Kabalan; Ali El-Hajj; Christos Christodoulou. A Polarization Reconfigurable Slot Antenna. pp. 425-427
  25. Peter Ludlow; Vincent Fusco. Polarisation-Agile, Evanescent Open-Ended Waveguide Antenna. pp. 495-498
  26. Francesco Belfiori. TDMA X-Band FMCW MIMO Radar for Short Range Surveillance Applications. pp. 511-515
  27. Federica Mastrangeli; Guido Valerio; Alessandro Galli; Angelo De Luca; Mario Teglia. An Attractive S-Band Dual-Pol Printed Antenna for Multifunction Phased Array Radars. pp. 533-535
  28. Saray Sánchez-Sevilleja; Juan Ramón Larrañaga-Sudupe. Broadband Patch Array in Ku-Band for Polarimetric SAR Systems in UAVs. pp. 681-684
  29. Christophe Granet; Ian Davis); John Kot; Chris Rose; Greg Pope. A Simultaneous s/Ka Feed System for Remote Sensing Applications. pp. 696-699
  30. Itziar Angulo; David de la Vega; Olatz Grande; David Guerra; Pablo Angueira. Analysis of the Mast Contribution to the Scattering Pattern of Wind Turbines in the UHF Band. pp. 737-741
  31. Hector T. Fenech; Alessia Tomatis; D. Serrano; Emmanuel Lance; Maria Kalama. Antenna Requirements as Seen by an Operator. pp. 3343-3347
  32. Propagation Modelling and Mapping of Rain,Clouds and Water Vapour to Cope with Spatial and Temporal Variability. pp. 3398-3402
  33. Nazzareno Pierdicca; Fabio Rocca; et al. Synergic Use of EO, NWP and Ground Based Data for the Characterisation of Water Vapour Field. pp. 3403-3406
  34. Susanne Crewell; Frank S. Marzano; Vinia Mattioli; Nazzareno Pierdicca; Carlo Capsoni; Nico Cimini; Ermanno Fionda; Ulrich Löhnert; Antonio Martellucci. Use of Remote Sensing Techniques and Navigation Data for Tropospheric Channel Assessment. pp. 3531-3535
  35. Susanne Hipp; Uwe Siart; Christian Chwala; Thomas F. Eibert; Harald Kunstmann. Dynamic Modelling of Atmospheric Microwave Transmission for Precipitation Quantification Using Mie Scattering. pp. 3536-3539
  36. Rens Baggen; Stefano Vaccaro; Daniel Llorens del Río; Martin Böttcher; Stefan Weitz; Michael Wleklinski. Near/Farfield Measurements of a Polarisation Agile Phased Array At Ku-Band. pp. 1628-1632
  37. Hyung-Joo Lee; Kenneth Lee Ford; Richard Langley. Independently Reconfigurable Multiband High Impedance Surface for L, C, X AND Ku RADAR Bands. pp. 2008-2012
  38. Gianfranco Ruggerini. An X-band Slotted Waveguide Array for Radar Applications. pp. 2030-2032
  39. Andreas Fhager et al. Progress in Clinical Diagnostics and Treatment with Electromagnetic Fields. pp. 2056-2057
  40. Marco Donald Migliore; Daniele Pinchera. Compressed Sensing in Electromagnetics: Theory, Applications and Perspectives. pp. 2089-2093
  41. Abdel-Aziz Hassanin. Inverse Scattering Techniques to Detect the Moving Object in Complex Medium. pp. 3975-3978
  42. Mohammad Hajihashemi; Magda El-Shenawee. Inverse Scattering Level Set Algorithm for Retrieving the Shape and Location of Multiple Targets. pp. 3979-3983

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