PARSAX An Informal Look at Radar Technology and Applications within TU Delft


Radar conferences and workshops in 2011

It is time to start planning the conference visits for coming year. Herewith we compiled a list of radar-related conferences and workshops, which will take place around the globe in 2011:


Workshop “Waveform-Agile Radar: Signals, Algorithms, and Systems”

The European Microwave Week 2010, Paris, France

During the European Microwave Week 2010 at the end of September, the 7th European Radar Conference (EuRAD 2010), the major European forum to discuss the present status and the future trends in the field of radar technology and subsystems, radar system design and evaluation, and pertaining applications, will be held. This year this annual meeting will take place from 30 September to 1 October 2010 in Paris, France.

he 7th European Radar Conference (EuRAD) 2010In the frame of this conference we organize a workshop WHF01 "Waveform-Agile Radar: Signals, Algorithms, and Systems". At this workshop, top researchers-lecturers in the field of waveform agility will review the state of the art in the field of waveform diversity theory, radar waveforms' design, processing algorithms, and their implementation in modern radar systems, and discuss current and future applications of waveform diversity for radar. PARSAX radar system will be presented as an example of the flexible radar platform in which many aspects of waveform agility can be easily implemented.

The workshop will start October 1 at 13:40 in the Dupin 1 Room of the CNIT La Défense, Paris, France and includes three lectures:

  • Waveform Diversity: Past, Present, and Future
    by dr. Alfonso Farina, Selex, Italy
  • Space-Time Diversity and Coding for Active Antenna Arrays
    by Prof. dr. François Le Chevalier, Thales, France
  • PARSAX: Waveform-Agile Polarimetric Radar
    by dr. Oleg Krasnov, T.U Delft

There are still four weeks until this event ant the registration is still open. Welcome!


Invitation for the Second TU Delft Remote Sensing Colloquium


23 June 2010, 14:00-17:00
Bordewijkzaal (19th floor - room HB 19.130)
Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EWI)
Mekelweg 4

Dear colleague,

Within TU Delft, several research groups use Remote Sensing techniques. As these groups are distributed over various faculties (EWI, CITG, LR), we believe it would be beneficial to learn about each others activities. For this reason, we had proposed to organize recurring informal meetings, in which we would inform each other on current research activities and results. Especially PhD projects are worth wile to present to a wider audience.

After the successful first meeting last January, we would like to invite you for the second meeting of 'RemoteSensing@TUDelft' which will take place at 23 June, 14:00-17:00 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Bordewijkzaal (19th floor - room HB 19.130). This meeting will include 3 presentations of PhD studies. We would appreciate your visit.


  • Francesco Belfiori (EWI(RSE) - TNO): Digital Beamforming for Uniform Circular Arrays
  • Faisal Karim (Departement of Water Resources,CiTG,TUDelft): Remote Sensing of Soil Mositure
  • Julius T. Fricke (LR (Acoustic Remote Sensing) and KNMI) : Interferometric Studies of the Atmosphere with A Large Aperture Infrasound Array

Kind regards,
On behalf of:
Ramon Hanssen, Peter Hoogeboom, Herman Russchenberg, Nick van de Giesen, Roland Klees, Dick Simons, Wim Bastiaanssen, Massimo Menenti, Boudewijn Ambrosius, Huub Savenije


Thematic Seminar: “The radars: from applications to the mathematical theory”

New Geometric Foundation of Radar Processing by Frédéric Barbaresco

Recently I've received from Frédéric Barbaresco information about thematic seminar: "The radars: from applications to the mathematical theory" ("Les radars : depuis la théorie mathématique jusqu'aux applications"), which took place in Poitiers, France, 5 Mai 2010. The presentations have been done in French, but a lot of interesting information on avalable slides is presented in English. In his own presentation dr. Barbaresco included nice introduction and review into concepts of the Information Geometry, the New Geometric Foundation of Radar Processing and their application to the radar data processing. Some of presented concepts and approaches (Covariance Matrix Mean/Median, Polarimetric Diffusive CFAR) can be directly implemented and tested in our study, during processing of the PARSAX polarimetric data.


One more radar meeting in Ukraine…

Workshop "Radar methods and systems" in Kiev

Some times ago I wrote about NATO workshop, which will take place this year in Ukraine. Yesterday I received a new message with invitation to participate another radar meeting in that country.

Dear Colleague,

The International Workshop Radar Methods and Systems (RMSW-2010) will be held in Kiev, Ukraine, from the 21th to 23th of September 2010

The workshop is a successor of the Microwaves, Radar and Remote Sensing Symposium (MRRS) that was very successful in 2005 and 2008. Next MRRS will be in 2011, and this year a smaller but very interesting event - RMSW-2010 will be held in the framework of the 4th World Congress "Aviation in the 21st Century".

RMSW-2010 Call for Papers is attached to this message.

Organizers: Ukraine Section IEEE SP/AES Joint Chapter and National Aviation University (NAU). The conference will be held in the Campus of NAU.

All participants of RMSW-2010 are eligible to attend also the sessions of any other symposium of the Congress.

Organizers are planning to arrange for this time a very interesting and various cultural and social program for RMSW-2010 participants who are encouraged to arrive to Kiev at least on September 20 and stay in Kiev two days more after the scientific program.

Whether you are already a member of radar community, or are interested in finding out how radar methods and systems (active, passive, primary, secondary, monostatic, multistatis, microwave, millimeter wave, UWB, SAR, etc.) can be applied to solve problems of global or local interest, please consider attending the conference.

Please spread information about RMSW-2010 among potentially interested experts and students.

We look forward to meeting you in Kiev in September!

Felix Yanovsky
RMSW-2010 Chair

Prof. Dr. Felix Yanovsky, IEEE Fellow
Chair IEEE Central Ukraine SP/AES Soc Joint Chapter
Head of Radioelectronics Department
National Aviation University
Kiev, 03680, Ukraine

I can add only the list of Important Dates

  • Abstract (2-4 pages) Submission Date: June 15, 2010
  • Notification of Acceptance: July 14, 2010
  • Final Paper Submission and on-line Registration: August 27, 2010