PARSAX An Informal Look at Radar Technology and Applications within TU Delft


The PARSAX radar on Klokhuis TV

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Open Day at the EWI faculty – 2013

The short movie about Open Day at the EEMCS (EWI) faculty. The PARSAX radar appeared on screen at 01:53...

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The PARSAX radar on Van Leeuwenhoek Lecture’s poster

It was pleasant last week to find in 13th number of the StadskrantDelft  a poster with an image of the PARSAX radar. The poster announced Van Leeuwenhoek Lecture "Delft (z)onder water" that took place in  TU Delft Science Center on June 24. Prof. Han Vrijling and Prof. Theo Toonen discussed complex problems of watermanagement in the Netherlands. The image of the PARSAX radar has been used on poster (together with Antonie van Leeuwenhoek's microscope, ecological car and plane) to show top-tech achievements, related to Delft City and TU Delft in particular.

 "Delft (z)onder water" Poster



Short film about EWI faculty – 2011

The short movie about out EEMCS (EWI) faculty. The PARSAX radar appeared on screen at 02:03...
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New PARSAX poster for TUD Open Dagen

For the TUD/EWI Faculty Open Dagen (31 maart en 1 april) we prepared a poster (special thanks to Samantha Liebregts from Marketing&Communicatie for design), which was presented during the event. The PARSAX as software defined radar gives to the MSc students and researchers the full freedom to implement and validate practically new ideas for radar signals, processing algorithms, applications. Actually, there are a possibility on the base of this flexible research platform to create a completely new radar, highly optimized for specific application.

Maak je eigen radar!