PARSAX An Informal Look at Radar Technology and Applications within TU Delft


The PARSAX radar on Klokhuis TV

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Video Lectures on Polarimetric Radar for Meteorological Purposes

In the Meteorological institute of the University of Bonn on July 2012  a series of six lectures on the use of polarimetric radar for meteorological purposes was given by Dr. A. Ryzhkov from the National Severe Storms Laboratory, Norman, Oklahoma.  Alexander Ryzhkov is one of the world's leading scientists in the field of radar meteorology.

Lecture 3. Definition and informative content of Doppler polarimetric radar variables

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Lecture 3 explains the significance of polarimetric variables, such as differential reflectivity, differential phase, specific differential phase, attenuation and specific attenuation or cross-correlation coefficient and their use in observing the various types of meteorological and non-meteorological scatterers.